second-hand joy


8 dollars

this bike

See? still written in marker on the handle bars

worse for wear and

dad did what he could to fix it up

for his wife but she won’t ride

so he gave it to me.

What can I do with an 8 dollar bike?


re-learn the ride

re-learn to balance

muscles re-learn the stride

re-learn the bumps and the curb

re-learn to turn

then the stuff I didn’t expect from this 8 dollar bike

how it brings me luck

and turns back time

takes me to the smell of trees and earth

pulling me back to the kids that we were

I’ve been floating through life since I left

now, 20 years of roam

This 8 dollar bike

knows the way to

the birds

the squirrels, oh,

the smell of grass fresh-mowed

tears in my eyes?

I’m not a stranger anymore-

I’m a kid

on a bike

on my way home.



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