All in

I got married

then got a house

and then got a baby

the stakes got high

the years accumulated

with interest and expectations

and the stakes got higher

I got older but no wiser

felt like t.v.and magazines

were telling me who I oughta be

but no one came to help less I paid them and

the stakes kept getting higher

obligations and expectations a baby to feed and educate

401k and IRA and over40 health screens

and it all comes swift

and fast without stopping

and it’s a lot if you were

looking the other way

it’s a side-swipe a bum-rush

some of us better equipped, smarter and stronger

and some of us left in the puddle

on the sidewalk

wondering whatthehell happened

just need a minute to get acclimated

and not be discombobulated  and you know what


We need someone to extend a hand help us up

say “Damn-you got slammed-

didn’t see it comin?-sucks

when that happens”

and I’d say yeah,

what do I do now?