My guru has a home in Maui

and he deserves it! Not me though

I’m not manifesting my dreams well

and things happen for a reason!

(I must not be doing or saying something right.)

My guru has a home in Maui

your pastor has a mansion too!

And this is how it should be!

(I’m just not doing the right things

[my meditation isn’t transcendental I didn’t pay

for the right words] it’s my own fault.)

Everything happens for a reason.

My guru has a home in Maui

And God bless him!

My life coach drives a mercedes

and she deserves it!

Not me, I just can’t do the right things,

think the right thoughts (I’m buying the

wrong books or something! I’ve paid lots of money

lots of money but it’s just not for me is it?)

Not for me.